In 2008 China Olympic Games

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Years of being associate trainer Chen Zhonghe and righting, the critical number cheap runescape gold selection when a variety of excellent females beach football team started off desire, sure enough, the success in the coach's authority, the overall potential of China females beach football team hopped a quality, although after 2002 there Globe Competition "to keep the ball" occurrence, but after the 2003 Globe Cup and 2004 Athens Olympic games team crowned two winners show divinity or so coming back on top around the globe.

In 2008 China Olympic Games after incapable to red top, fast benefit out of the unique co-cultivation of the younger trainer Cai Bin Chen and price females beach football team take over the helm, but unfortunately because the natural features of little Zhuge neglect females beach football team defeat South america to mimic an French team-record regulations propagate way up and down, Oriental Competition finals after being baptized in Thailand and had to quit, the China females beach football team and it has decreased to second-team record.

Moments of the Bao-Quan Wang a heir even after the China females beach football team come back to the conventional design of perform, but due to wellness factors but also provided to phase down programs, associate trainer, Kyaw Min Yu is forefront, and thus create the team hit platform fifth during this interval recently Shijin competitors to create a 36-year history most severe 10 this year, Grand Corrt Finals is a no win platform of the positions.

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